Complex chlorine-free fertilizer for field-grown vegetables


Carrots, beetroots, cabbages, zucchinis, pumpkins, onions, garlic, lettuce, etc.


Certain amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is necessary for the field-grown vegetables. The fertilizer formula is balanced in the best way to ensure the plants will grow faster and give more yield.

Mode of usage:

The fertilizer should be evenly spread and distributed in the particular areas.

Fertilizer norm for 100m²/1 are:

  • For cucumbers, carrots, turnips, tomatoes, potatoes and beetroots - 7-9 kg;
  • For cabbages, zucchinis, squashes and pumpkins - 9-11 kg;
  • For onions, garlic, leeks, lettuce and spinach - 5-7 kg;
  • For radishes, small radishes, parsley, peas, broad beans, beans and asparagus - 3-5 kg.


NPK 13-10-15+micronutriens


1/5 kg