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About us

The FERTIS company offers to consumers high quality FERTIS brand fertilizers for gardening, ornamental plants and lawn and more. Our vision and values combine company philosophy and strengths with the intention to put consumer needs in the heart of everything we do.

The symbol of the company is the four-leaf clover, which is a part of our FERTIS logo and company iconography. According to tradition rooted in antiquity, such plants bring good luck and wealth to their finders, especially when found occasionally.

In nature four-leaf clover is a rare kind, with the one case for the 10000 ordinary three-leaf clovers, some modern farms even cultivate this plant for the purpose of landscape design and ornamental decoration. We believe we found our four-leaf clover, which is a combination of our products technology, company values, people professionalism and strong wish to bring success to life. We are open to share our values with everybody for the mutual growth and blossom.

Vision and mission

Vision. Blossom as the trustworthy and professional company providing the most neoteric and usable products in fertilizers market.
Mission. Bring high quality products and services for consumers and customers as well as continuously search for improvement to create consumer and nature friendly innovations.
Our strategy. Being flexible and competitive in the market, building customer trust, raising the competence of employees, improving our technologies and fostering our values.

Our technology