Complex chlorine-free fertiziler for strawberries and wild strawberries


For strawberries and wild strawberries


This complex chlorine and nitrate free fertilizer ensures rich harvest of strawberries and wild strawberries. It improves their growth and make the storage time longer.

Mode of usage:

The fertilizer should be evenly spread and distributed in the particular areas.

Fertilizer norm for 100m² (alternatively for 1 plant):

  • For strawberries, wild strawberries - 4-8 kg (30 g);
  • For shrubs (black, red, white currant and gooseberry) - 6-8 kg (50 g);
  • For fruit trees (apple, pear, cherry and sweet cherry) - 10-14 kg (80 g).


NPK 11-9-20+micronutriens


1/3 kg