Complex chlorine-free fertilizer for conifers and decorative plants


All kinds of conifers and decorativeplants


The fertilizer has a special formula for conifers and decorative plants, which acquire elements needed for the further growth and rich color, additionally conifers and decorative plants are less susceptible to the frost and easily take root.

Mode of usage:

The fertilizer should be evenly spread in the early spring. During the summer use the fertilizer in a light soil 2-3 times per season.

Fertilizer norm for 1 plant:

  • For thujas and plants of thuja species - 70-120 g;
  • For dwarf pines and fir trees - 10-25 g;
  • For yews, junipers and silver firs - 50-100 g;
  • For firs, pines and larches - 100-300 g.


NPK 12-8-16+micronutriens


1/3 kg