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Complex chlorine-free fertilizer for flowers


For all kind of blooming and leafy flowers


The fertilizer formula contains special elements ensuring faster growth, lower vulnerability to diseases, plentiful yield and the rich color of blossoms and leaves. Plants biological process goes faster and the flowering period lasts longer.

Mode of usage:

The fertilizer should be evenly spread and distributed in the particular areas before planting.

Fertilizer norm for 1 m² (or for watering per 10 l of water):

  • For rhododendrons, anthurii, azaleas, hydrangeas and feathery asparagus - 10-20 g (for watering 5-10 g)
  • For freesias, gerberas, violas, roses, petunias, cyclamens and other pot flowers - 20-40 g (for watering 10-20 g)
  • For geraniums, carnations, lilies, tulips, spurges, saintpaulias, narcissuses and irises - 30-60 g (for watering 20-30 g)


NPK 12-8-16+micronutriens


1 kg